Date Night

On afternoon, Purl took Victor on a date to the park.  It was the first time they’d had a chance to be alone together in a long while.

As they’d never really spent any time finding a better babysitter, and since he was adequate even if he did mostly just watch tv, they invited the teen back over.  He spent most of the time chatting it up with their maid, but at least Tink would have someone around to get her food when needed.

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Life Continues

Purl was promoted not long after returning to work.  She now was doing top secret work for the government.  It was quite an exiting step upwards!

In the meantime, Victor continued to fiddle with scrap down in the basement.

Sure, he occasionally set himself on fire.  What inventor doesn’t?  It was all part of the fun and the long tradition of inventing.

The next time her father showed up, Purl had lots of good news to relate to him.  🙂

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Babysitter Woes

Unfortunately, Purl’s maternity leave had ended.  Since her and Victor worked very similar hours, they had to hire a babysitter.

He generally just watched TV the entire time he was watching Tink though.

Victor decided that one of them had to stay home and watch Tink, and since he had never been all that fond of his job anyway…  Purl agreed with him – the best think for Tink would be to have someone she knew with her at all times.  Purl had inherited a small fortune after all.  So Victor quit his job.

He had always wanted to try his hand at inventing though.  So they set him up a workbench in the basement where he could fool around with scrap when not watching Tink.

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Big girl

Tink was getting to be quite the big girl.  Purl and Victor bought lots of age appropriate toys for her.

They also started working on her skills.

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Cute Couple

Regardless of all the attention they had to pay to the baby, the two found time for romance.

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Baby care

At nights, the two took turns caring for Tink.

And during the days while Victor was at work, Tink was always with Purl.

They soon realized that they needed a basinette or something downstairs, in addition to the crib that Tink slept in.

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